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    Dallas Attorney Bail Bonds

    When you are arrested, you ultimately appear before a judge at an arraignment, at which time your bond is set. In order to be released from custody, you will be required to post a bond. Bail bonds can either be posted in cash, or by means of a surety bond. For example, if the bail bond amount is set at $20,000, you would be required to post a cash bond, for that amount, at the Dallas County Jail. However, if you hire an attorney to post a lawyer bail bond, you can obtain the person’s release from custody at a fraction of the cost of posting a cash bond, simply by hiring the lawyer to represent the person on his criminal charge.

    A criminal defense lawyer who is also an attorney bail bondsman can provide you with both of the services your loved one needs: an attorney bail bond to secure his release from jail, and legal representation in court on the charge for which he’s been arrested. A bail bondsman can only post a bail bond. He can’t represent you in court or seek to have your bond reduced. Why hire a bail bondsman, when he can only do half of the job?

    Is someone you know in jail on a Dallas County felony probation violation? Are they being held on a no bond warrant. If so, a bail bondsman won’t be able to help you. You can go to the jail with ten million dollars in cash, and you still won’t be able to get your friend or loved one released from jail. However, we may be able to help. Our attorney bondsman may be able to get a bond set by the judge, post an attorney bail bond to secure the person’s release, and the zealously represent them on the probation violation in court.

    At Berlof & Newton, P.C. our Dallas bail bond lawyer can readily post a lawyer bail bond, have the person quickly released from jail, and mount a zealous legal defense against the criminal charge when the matter goes to court.

    Don’t delay. If your someone you know is in a Dallas County Jail, call us now at 214.699.7975 for a free consultation, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so that we can assist you in getting them out of jail… FAST!!! If they’re in jail in a Dallas County suburb, we can post an attorney writ bond, get a bail bond amount set, and post a lawyer bail bond. If they’re in the Lew Sterrett Justice Center (also known as the Dallas County Jail), we can post an attorney bail bond in their behalf, and represent them on their criminal charge.

    In some cases, it may be possible to post a personal recognizance bond. Also known as a p.r. bond, a personal recognizance bond is a bail bond that is signed by the judge, the defendant, and the defendant’s lawyer. Once signed by the judge, a p.r. bond results in the warrant being recalled, in the same way a standard bail bond would.

    If you have an active warrant out for your arrest, it may be possible to obtain a personal recognizance bond… without your having to go to jail! These bonds can be granted in court, and can allow you to avoid the embarrassment and shock of being arrested and booked in to the county jail!

    A bail bondsman can’t help you with a p.r. bond. Only an an attorney can assist you with a personal recognizance bond. Call us today at 214.699.7975 to learn if you might be eligible to obtain a p.r. bond in your case.